Knowing the importance of sanctification and purification of self Islami Jamiat Talaba NED often organizes different activities so that students can reflect their lives according to the teachings of Islam. To know more about our Dawati activities..


There is no doubt in the fact that the understanding of collective affairs and true sense of islam is on a decline. Understanding the gravity of this situation Islami Jamiat Talaba NED frequently conduct different gatherings where students get to learn better. 


Ramadan teaches us a great number of things; patience, piety, and discipline are just a few to name. Muslims should strive to take advantage of the opportunity Ramadan brings. ISLAMI JAMIAT TALABA NED through different activities caters all the needs of Ramadan.


ISLAMI JAMIAT TALABA NED organizes different sports activities like the NEDIAN cricket league, futsal league and other knowing the importance of physical activities. These tournaments and leagues are organized on both departmental and university level.

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