Monthly Planning Meeting June, 2021

Islami Jamiat Talba NED has a legacy of organizing “Ijtema-e-Karkunan” (Executants convention) on every month. The main purpose of this convention is to formally get together and plan for the activities and events that are going to be held in the next month. This every month convention has not been held for almost one year because of the Pandemic situation. Now that the university was opened a convention was announced which was a very good news for the Karkunans.

Therefore for the months of June and July of session 2020-21, the convention was held on 17th June, Thursday in which the planning of one of IJT NED’s biggest event of Admission Guidance Campaign and Self-assessment Test was discussed with the executants(Karkunans).

The convention was formally started with the recitation of the Holy Quran, after which a Hadith was read by brother Maarij Shuaib. A tarana was then recited in a beautiful voice by brother Ammar Rashid. Just after that, a detailed planning was put before the Karkunan by the Nazim-e-Jamia NED brother Ahmed Tallal Aazmi where he explained the series of activities to be organised under the Admission Guidance Campaign.He then said:

“Alhamdulillah, we are happy to announce that a website of Islami Jamiat Talba NED is being designed and will be executed in a few days”.

He further said that for the Admission guidance campaign and for SAT, five different committees were formed and that the whole event will be looked after by brother Sohail Ahmed Siddiqui. The five committees were: Promotion and Marketing, Crash classes, Book distribution, Sponsors and Website handling. Incharges and Committee members for Admission Campaign 2021 are as follows:

Incharge ~ Br. Sohail Ahmed
Co-Incharge ~ Br. Hassaan Nasir

1)Promotions & Marketing Committee

~Syed Areeb,
Muhammad Sualeh, Saim Ahmed Khan,
Muhammad Hasan, Muhammad Ammar, Fida Ur Rehman, Owais Uddin, Sulaiman Khalid , Osaid Iftikhar, Br. Burhan, Umair Shakeel, Br. Hasan, Br. Arqam, Syed Zarrar, Sharjeel Shakeel, Hammad Iqbal, Bilal Jameel, Maaz Siddiqui, Talha Khalid, Br. Ahmed, Br. Nasar, Mustafa Munir, Br. Ebad

2)Sponsor Committee

~Ata Ur Rahman
Saad Hafeez, Irfan Samad, Sharjeel Shakeel, Br. Usama, Br. Adnan, Usama Nasir

3)Crash Classes Committee+ SAT Committee

~Owais Azam Gondal
Maarij Shoaib, Br. Afnan, Noor Ul Qadar, Saad Hafeez, Irfan Samad, Osaid Bin Iftekhar, Haseebullah, Waisullah, Br. Razi, Br.Taha, Faizan Ul Haq, Omer Zahidi, Lala Faraz

4)Book Distribution

~Ishaq Kamran
Saim Ahmed Khan,  Noor Ul Qadar, Syed Zarrar, Br Shamaim, Hammad Siddiqui, Taha Kazmi

5)Website Maintenance

~Ishaq Kamran
Ammar Rashid, Fida Ur Rehman, Br. Ibrahim, Umair Shakeel.

After announcing the committee incharges and their members he ended the convention on a supplication:

“May Allah Almighty invigorate and help us all in performing our duties with excellence”.

After that Surah Asr was recited and the convention was put to an end.

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