Ramadan With Islami Jamiat Talaba NED

Islami Jamiat Talaba initiated the Isteqbal-e-Ramadan campaign prior to the holy month of Ramadan where the importance and benefits were highlighted through social media platforms. A special Dars-e-Quran was conducted by a scholar on the said topic at NED mosque which was attended by a good number of students. The scholar emphasizes the true meaning of success and how Ramadan is the best time to make way for the “ultimate success”.

When Ramadan started, Islami Jamiat Talaba continuing its legacy arranged multiple activities during the whole month to provide a helping environment for worshipping. Quran circle was the daily activity that was performed after the fajr prayer in which a selected Surat is recited Ruko by Ruko with translation and Tafseer. This Quran circle was held online via Google meet where each day a new student recited the Holy Quran. Apart from this activity a three-day “Fehm e Deen” classes were arranged for the students conducted by the known Islamic scholar and previous Nazim-e-Karachi brother Umer Ahmed Khan. For each day a topic was decided and students were referred to books to read about that topic. These classes proved to be very informative and effective because after lectures the discussions with the conductor cleared all the problems that students had and made the classes more interesting.

Furthermore, a three-day study circle was also organized by Islami Jamiat Talaba where the book “Towards the understanding of Islam”  by Moulana Maududi was selected and read part by part.
The study circle was conducted by former Nazim-e-Jamia NED brother Abdullah Azzam. Each day the chapter from the book tasked to read was discussed and analyzed thoroughly.

There is yet another activity that was organized and it is Shab-be-dari. The night of awakening (Shab-e-Qadr) as the Quran said is “better than a thousand months (Qu’ran 97:3)” and Muslims try to stay awake for the whole night, reading the Quran, praying, and giving thanks to Allah. Therefore Islami Jamiat Talba NED organized this activity to purposefully spend it in worshipping and remembering Allah and asking for repentance and His forgiveness. A series of activities were performed in a managed way. As the students gathered after Taraweeh prayers, firstly a small session was held to emphasize the importance of Laylatul Qadr, after which everybody was given time for individual prayers and recitation of the Holy Quran. A group supplication was made and then a visit to the graveyard was made to further increase the remembrance of the day of judgment and to care about it. After that sehri was done and thus the whole night was spent in doing good deeds seeking all the blessings and benefits of the night of awakening.

Throughout the month Ayats, Ahadiths, supplications, and Islamic reminders were posted through social media platforms and invitations and reminders of programs were also promoted using social media. Sympathy and solidarity were expressed through official Facebook pages to the oppressed Palestinians on the state terrorism of Israel and the students were invited and encouraged to join the mega protest “Al-Quds Rally” held by Jamat e Islami Pakistan.

The Holy Month passed swiftly and the Eid came where Islami Jamiat  Talaba NED extended wishes to all the NED family specifically and generally to the whole Ummah. May Allah accept from us the good deeds.

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