To seek the pleasure of Allah Almighty by ordering human life in accordance with the principles laid down by Allah and His Messenger Muhammad (SAW).


Islami Jamiat-e-Talaba Pakistan is the largest student organization in Pakistan. It was founded by 25 students on 23 December 1947 at Lahore, Pakistan on the advice of Maulana Naeem Siddiqui. Islami Jamiat-e-Talaba Pakistan is working in Pakistan to eliminate the non-Islamic elements and secularism from the curriculum and teachings
of the educational institutions of Pakistan.

IJT was influenced mainly by the works of the late Syed Abul-Ala Maududi and Maulana Naeem Siddiqui. It is an Islamic organization whose mission is to preach Islam to students of modern institutions throughout Pakistan. From the 1970s it is also the main ideological engine powering the concept of political Islam on the country’s university and college campuses. It attempts to promote its vision of Islamic values and glorify the image of Islam through various means. Its main fields are the modern educational institutions, i.e. colleges and universities across Pakistan, though many local sub-divisions are active at the school level, like Bazm-e-sathi, Bazm-e-Paigham, Bazm-e-Roshni.




Dawah (Call to Allah) – Conveying the message of Islam to the students and inspiring them to acquire knowledge and to arouse in them the sense of responsibility to practice Islam in full.


Organization – To organize the students who are ready to partake in the struggle for establishing the Islamic way of life within the fold of this organization.


Training – To take appropriate steps to impart Islamic Knowledge among the students integrated under the organization to make them men of character, capable of braving the challenges of Jahilyah and, thus, to prove the superiority of Islam.

Islamic Education Movement

Islamic Education Movement and Student-oriented Problems – To struggle for changing the existing system of education on the basis of Islamic values to build up ideal citizens and enhance leadership to solve real problems of the students.

Islamic social order

Establishing Islamic Social Order- To strive tooth-and-nail to establish Islamic social order for freeing humanity from all forms of economic exploitation, political oppression and cultural servitude.

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