In order to ensure the efficient functioning of the system, it is imperative that a sincere and capable leader is elected. Islami Jamiat-e-Talaba NED has a longstanding tradition of holding the Istaswaab-e-Raye (Election for the New Nazim-e-Jamia NED) each year, which is attended by a large number of students who provide their valuable recommendations for the election of Nazim-e-Jamia NED for the tenure of 2023-24.

The event commenced with a recitation of the Qur’an and Hadeeth, followed by an illuminating speech by Ex-Nazim-e-Jamia NED, Br. Syed Areeb Nasir discussed the qualities of an effective leader. Subsequently, the executives gave a brief introduction, and all the attendees were provided with a paper on which they wrote their names, departments, and choice of Nazim and his department.

During the vote-counting process, Br. Mustafa Qazi, Br. Zaeem Ur Rehman, captivated the audience with their melodious voices, reciting the anthems of Jamiat and inspiring the hearts of the students.

Finally, Nazim-e-Karachi, Br. Bilal Jameel announced the Nazim-e-Jamia NED for the tenure of 2023-24 and Br. Muhammad Haseeb Ullah was elected as the Nazim-e-Jamia NED. He took the oath and the event concluded with resounding slogans of Jamiat echoing throughout the hall.

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