Iftar Dinner 2022

Indeed, Month of Ramadan is a Blessing for All Muslims around the world. We, as
Islami Jamiat-e-Talaba NED continues its Legacy of Arranging an Iftar Dinner for current IJT-NEDians and Ex-IJT-NEDians. This Dinner was arranged on 18th April, 2022 in Al-Hina Garden near NED Maskan Gate. The numerous people had attended that event and reloaded their memories by meeting with their friends, seniors and batchmates. People also praised about the quality of food in the Dinner as well. Nazim Karachi, Brother Bilal Jameel also visited that Grant Event and shared his valuable words with the attendees. Furthermore, Ex-Nazim-e-Jamia NED, Brother Hunzala Nafees also shared his experience of professional life and advised the current NEDians as well. Special Thanks to IJT-NEDians as well for taking part in arranging this Grand Event. They worked tirelessly and hoisted Jamiat Flag in every corner of the venue

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